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Welcome to vibho psychological counselling centre

Vibho is a professional psychological Counselling Centre at Ottapalam in Palakkad district, aims maximum benefits for well-being of all. Counselling is a necessity in today’s life. Counselling Centre can provide information and enable the people to face their problems and overcome it. The relaxed mind through counselling is essential for students and all other people.

What we provide

Students Counselling

All students need counselling now - school and college level. Students come to counselling Centre for personality assessment, anxiety coping and improving studies and skills.

Natural Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy brings the mind in to purifying level. It is an important process to clearing the mind.

Pre - Marital Counselling

Today family life going on a problematic status. Counselling give awareness about the values that need for a person to forwardpeaceful family life.

Stress Management

Modern life make more stress in daily life. Stress Management and relaxation is essential for all people because stress indirectly affect illness by altering a person’s behavior patterns.

Our Counsellor

Menaka Surendran

( M.Sc. Psy., DPC, MSW, B.Ed, M.A. Soci., M.A Eco.)


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