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About Us

Vibho Counselling Centre

About Us

Vibho is a professional psychological Counselling Centre at Ottapalam in Palakkad district, aims maximum benefits for well-being of all. Counselling is a necessity in today’s life. Counselling Centre can provide information and enable the people to face their problems and overcome it. The relaxed mind through counselling is essential for students and all other people.

“Counselling exists wherever human exists.”  It helping a person to mobilize his capacities for overcomes the problems. It support the promotion of the welfare of the person, who prepared for facing challenging changes.

Why Counselling

Counselling is one to one relationship will identifies your strength, fears, anxiety and find ways to overcome from stress. Counselling help a person in such a way that he find himself capable of dealing with the problems at present and also may solve in future if such problems arise.

Vist us if your children is emotionally imbalanced showing the habit lying, stealing, lack of friends, aggressive, fear to go to school, not able to read and write, talkative, naughty etc…

If work life imbalance, conflicts in relationship, issues to related to divorce, separation, step parenting and lone parenting. If you suffer in married life – you can make a favorable living situation.

We Do

  • Counselling
  • Natural Hypnotherapy
  • Child Guidance
  • Stress Management

Our Vision

The aim of counselling is the promotion of the person and better adjustment in the relationship also focus to develop the students with value based awareness.

Our Mission

  • Maximum importance to make better relationship.
  • Reduce stress of students with improve concentration and skills.
  • Construct the students for good life.
  • Save the students from the grip of highly influencing mass media and drugs.
  • Good parenting help the students to improve the skill and development.
  • Adolescent awareness equip them to deal with the issues and the stress of changing global world.
  • Focus on providing wellness to all and nurturing the values of life.
  • Save from lack of sleep and the stress that prevent from lot of illness.
  • Identifies the disabilities and help the improvement of children.
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