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Students Counselling

All students need counselling now – school & college level. Students come to counselling Centre for personality assessment, anxiety coping and improving studies and skills. Counselling can also improve concentration, patience, memory etc…Social changes highly influences the students particularly in high school section. The students need good results they must get counselling before starting of 10th standard.

Mild-Child Impulsive Behaviour

Counselling for the children, who shows impulsiveness – does silly things to get other people’s attention, over acts to mistake and disappointment etc… Sometime impulsive behavior appears suddenly. Strategies that can use at home and school to help the child control his impulses.

The Adolescent Counselling

The adolescent age they feel- is I am child or matured. They are striving feeling for independence. To overcome this period, need a value based knowledge, otherwise there is a chance to fall in drugs and drinks. Save the children through good counselling.

Natural Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy brings the mind in to purifying level. It is an important process to clearing the mind. Through this process people get relaxation, improving concentration, removing bad habits, confidence building, attainment of wealth health and goal of life etc

Pre-Marital Counselling

Today family life going on a problematic status. Counselling give awareness about the values that need for a person to forwardpeaceful  family life.

Stress Management

Modern life make more stress in daily life. Stress Management and relaxation is essential for all people because stress indirectly affect illness by altering a person’s behavior patterns.

The Couple Who Wants a Good Child

The married couple’s first dream is a happy life and a good child.For the fulfillment of the dream an awareness is necessary. In some cases do not gifted a child even they are physically healthy. This couple should be a counselling.

Good Parenting

Parents believe that the counselling is only for problematic students but it will improve the level of all students. We can see that rapid growth of problematic children in school level. It crucially effect the future society. Parents need a timely counselling to reduce this problems.

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